Step 1 - Pre-selection

Dear applicants,

The EMJMD SuCat Team and the Selection Committee thank you for the large number of applications. The Selection Committee is carefully studying your applications. Here is a reminder of the selection procedure, organized in three steps:

1/ Pre-selection: applicants have submitted their electronic file to the programme coordinating institution for administrative checking and validation (e. that all documents are certified and correctly translated).

The Selection Committee is currently performing a first analysis using the following criterion: 1) Academic records (30%); 2) Scientific background (20%); 3) Recommendation letters (10%); 4) Level of English (20%) and 5) Practical experience (20%).

2/ Interview of shortlisted candidates. A shortlist determines students that will be interviewed by evaluators. If you are selected for an interview, you will receive an e-mail invitation.

The interview will last 30-40 minutes and is designed to explore candidates’ motivation to study on the SuCat course, their critical thinking skills and understanding of social work issues. Candidates will also be able to ask questions about the SuCat programme. Where possible, interviews will be conducted using video-conference.  Alternatively, it will be possible to phone shortlisted candidates on a landline or mobile number.

3/ Final selection: files are reviewed and marked on a scale from 1 (very poor) to 5 (outstanding).


The SuCat Team

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