End of applications

Please notice that the call for applications as external evaluator is over.

Do not hesitate to contact us at emjmd.sucat@univ-poitiers.fr if you want to know more about our next call for applications.

The role of the external evaluator

To ensure the high quality and excellence of the program, the SuCat consortium will recruit an external evaluator (subcontracted) to externally evaluate the SuCat Master.

The task of the external evaluation is to investigate, assess and evaluate the implementation of the project: learning outcomes, good management of the scholarships, employability of the student, etc.

The external expert will participate in meetings to provide feedback and report to the Consortium on the program’s quality. A final report will be produced and submitted to the consortium by the external expert.

The Quality Assurance Plan gathers the evaluation processes, the evaluation activities and tools, how data are gathered and exploited, and how results will be interpreted and will be shared with all partners and used to steer the project and keep it on the right tracks.

For each criterion, the expert will have to highlight strengths, weakness and suggest corrections. To be able to manage these different points, the expert will lead interviews with different actors (e.g., students, professors, and administrative people) or propose questionnaires to the different groups. These actions could be done during the general meetings, schools or even during the course semesters if needed.

Selection and remuneration

The international external evaluator will be selected, based on open call published during the preparatory year, to evaluate the project. Applications will be scored and ranked according to the following criteria:  Experience in external evaluation (35%), experience in EU-funded project management (25%), experience in the Erasmus Mundus program (25%), motivation (15%).

The selection of the external evaluator will be made by the members of the Academic Board. The project coordinator will contact the selected external evaluator before the beginning of the first intake at the latest. Applications from nationals of countries that are not represented among the consortium partners will be promoted. The timeline for the performance of the external evaluation covers the period from the first intake until the end of the third intake, including the submission of the final report.

The external evaluator will benefit from a daily fee of 450 (max. 14 days/year).

Additionally, the expenses for participation in project meetings will be covered by the project (travel, subsistence cost and accommodation). The conclusions of the audit will be sent to the participants (academic and advisory board) for tackling the overall project’s assessment and giving advice for the good management of the program.

Eligibility requirements

The External Expert has to participate in the Advisory Board’s meetings once a year and has to review the Annual “Quality Control Report” also proposing corrective actions.

The external expert will be recruited based on the following criteria:

  • Strong knowledge in chemistry and catalysis (heterogeneous, homogeneous and biocatalysis)
  • A good level in English (C1)
  • Experience in evaluation for the EU Commission or another institution will be appreciated

A contract between the External Evaluator and the University of Poitiers will be signed each year to ensure the reliability and the quality of the evaluation.

If you want to become our external expert, send us your resume and contact information at emjmd.sucat@univ-poitiers.fr

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